04:46PM EST - We're here at Honor's CES event, Double or Nothing

04:47PM EST - Double is referring to cameras

04:47PM EST - Ian on pictures, Josh on text

04:48PM EST - We have a group interview with George Zhao, CEO of Honor, later today. Submit your questions...

04:49PM EST - Event is set to start at 2pm

04:50PM EST - Venue is basically full

04:59PM EST - Funky guitar solo as we lead up to the start - very millennial.

05:00PM EST - Looks like the Honor 6X is getting announced here.

05:02PM EST - We don't really have video so I'll just settle by saying that there's a lot of epileptic video and bass

05:02PM EST - The Honor brand stands for those who are brave enough and bold enough to be themselves - MC on stage

05:03PM EST - George Zhao takes the stage

05:03PM EST - Last year they launched the Honor 5X here in the US

05:03PM EST - "100M fans and users worldwide"

05:04PM EST - "Honor 'net promoter score' on par with Apple in China"

05:05PM EST - "Our customers become Honor promoter"

05:05PM EST - Claims brand satisfaction is higher than Apple and Samsung

05:06PM EST - Claims Honor is the leading smartphone e-brand

05:07PM EST - "We studied the global young people"

05:08PM EST - Announcing Honor 6X

05:10PM EST - Discussing the various new things Honor have introduced

05:10PM EST - Dual camera, smart key, octa-core with LTE cat 6

05:11PM EST - "We are glad iPhone 7 Plus has dual camera"

05:12PM EST - During Chinese Black Friday, 320M in sales, 40% increase from last year

05:13PM EST - Note

05:14PM EST - 11M Honor 5X sold globally

05:14PM EST - 1.5M Honor 8 sold in 50 days

05:15PM EST - Best selling phone during Black Friday for Amazon Germany, 15k sold in US, etc

05:17PM EST - Honor 6X "Double or Nothing"

05:18PM EST - Dual camera, fingerprint reader, looks to be aluminum unibody sandblasted finish, microUSB 2 still

05:19PM EST - "Bezier curve-inspired design"

05:20PM EST - Front glass is 2.5D curved glass as is popular in smartphone design right now

05:20PM EST - Three colors gold, silver, gray

05:22PM EST - Dual lens is 12MP, 2MP, 6P lenses, PDAF

05:24PM EST - They're showing a demo photo with some obvious defects in how it's being blurred...

05:25PM EST - 12MP sensor is 1.25 micron pixel size

05:26PM EST - Camera has f/2.2 aperture it looks like

05:29PM EST - Honor 6X will be able to use a "Honor Tripod Selfie Stick".

05:30PM EST - 3/4GB RAM

05:31PM EST - 32/64GB eMMC 5.1

05:31PM EST - MicroSD, dual SIM

05:31PM EST - Kirin 655 16nm octa-core

05:31PM EST - Claim 65% performance increase over 5X

05:31PM EST - "Smart file system"

05:32PM EST - This is shared with Mate 9

05:33PM EST - Claiming that their app launch performance is better than the competition

05:33PM EST - 5.5" FHD display

05:34PM EST - Advertising CABC and what seems to be saturation boost in video

05:35PM EST - Night mode to reduce color temperature and reduce brightness of the display

05:35PM EST - This is carried over from Mate9, seems to be an EmUI feature

05:36PM EST - "Wi-Fi Bridge"

05:36PM EST - So the Honor 6X acts as a WiFi repeater to try and extend coverage

05:37PM EST - Up to 4 devices can connect to the Honor 6X

05:37PM EST - Standard EmotionUI features like split screen, screen recording, and scroll capture

05:39PM EST - 3340 mAh battery, 680 Wh/L power density

05:39PM EST - 500 charging cycles supported, won't catch fire apparently

05:41PM EST - Low voltage backlight, Apical-style CABC for sunlight visibility

05:41PM EST - I5 coprocessor for step counting and other low power background tasks

05:43PM EST - Battery life claimed is roughly comparable to iPhone 6s Plus, 2.15 vs 2.08 days of use.

05:46PM EST - Process is probably 16FFC to meet cost targets

05:46PM EST - 3/32 SKU is 250 USD, 4/64 SKU is 300 USD

05:48PM EST - That's a wrap

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