06:04PM EST - We're here on Day 2 of the Qualcomm Snapdragon Tech Summit, ready for a keynote on the next generation of Always Connected PCs (ACPCs) and non-Smartphone gaming. We've got new silicon and new handheld devices to talk about.

06:11PM EST - And here we go

06:11PM EST - Day 2

06:12PM EST - Yesterday was all about smartphone, today is about PC and handheld gaming

06:12PM EST - Cristiano taking the lead again today

06:13PM EST - Taking mobile experiences into different devices

06:13PM EST - Qualcomm is most famous in mobile/smartphone

06:13PM EST - That's never going to change - going to continue to be the company that drives the pace of mobile

06:14PM EST - Focusing on connecting billions of devices and making them smarter

06:14PM EST - It's a repeated statement - it's hard to emphasise the growth of the cloud

06:14PM EST - If you believe in growth of the cloud, a company like qualcomm is making those connections

06:15PM EST - Next few years you will see QC at the entire edge, not just mobile

06:15PM EST - The role beyond the smartphone

06:15PM EST - Look at that handheld device

06:16PM EST - Qualcomm has a one technology roadmap

06:16PM EST - Seeing traction at a high pace on a number of devices

06:16PM EST - Look into adding VR/AR/XR

06:17PM EST - Revolution in mobile gaming too

06:17PM EST - Snapdragon automative

06:17PM EST - ICE and digital cockpits

06:17PM EST - This is not a vision, it's happening today

06:17PM EST - 1600+ devices beyond smartphone using snapdragon

06:18PM EST - CEO of Lenovo on a video now

06:19PM EST - Being connected all the time

06:20PM EST - Smart Home, Smart City

06:20PM EST - Lenovo shares this view

06:20PM EST - driving transformation at the edge for consumers and businesses

06:20PM EST - 'the new normal'

06:22PM EST - Better together

06:23PM EST - Back to Qualcomm

06:23PM EST - Metaverse time

06:24PM EST - Regardless of device, you'll need connectivity

06:24PM EST - No matter the version of the metaverse

06:25PM EST - Automotive is part of the metaverse

06:27PM EST - The opportunity is real, it's more than a buzzword

06:28PM EST - 5G driving the evolution of social

06:29PM EST - It's not about one size fits all though

06:30PM EST - Facebook/Meta video now

06:31PM EST - Meta rep and Cristiano in the metaverse

06:32PM EST - Andrew's avatar looks like he's playing a piano

06:33PM EST - well, hands on a keyboard

06:34PM EST - Talking about the industry

06:37PM EST - ok back to QC, talk about gaming

06:37PM EST - Mobile gaming is big (50%+ revenue in gaming)

06:38PM EST - G3x Gen 1 announcement

06:39PM EST - Collab with razer

06:39PM EST - G3x Gen 1

06:40PM EST - Designed for mobile gamers

06:40PM EST - Inspiring new form factors

06:40PM EST - Phones and up

06:40PM EST - Switch like

06:40PM EST - running android

06:40PM EST - Best sustained GPU perf/watt

06:40PM EST - VRR, HDR

06:41PM EST - Snapdragon G3x handheld developer kit

06:41PM EST - Razer video time

06:42PM EST - Ongoing qualcomm support and solutions with Razer

06:44PM EST - Connecting different visual categories

06:44PM EST - Snapdragon Play in automotive

06:45PM EST - The car becomes a hub for distribution for services and media

06:45PM EST - Customized experiences

06:46PM EST - Redefining intelligent transportation

06:46PM EST - Building an ecosystem around qualcomm - the system perspective

06:46PM EST - connectivity, compute, graphics, security, all on Qualcomm

06:47PM EST - Build a platform for all those applications

06:47PM EST - Connected advanced computer on wheels

06:48PM EST - All about platforms

06:48PM EST - Build on the trends of transformation for the cars of tomorrow

06:48PM EST - Working with 25/26 car brands

06:48PM EST - No mention about car issues getting silicon to even manage heated seats

06:48PM EST - Collab with GM and Cadillac

06:49PM EST - video time

06:50PM EST - Cadillac is set to be EV luxury leader

06:51PM EST - Snapdragon Drive has super cruise enabled for 200k miles of roads in the US

06:53PM EST - Cadillac is talking about driving features Tesla had 4 years ago

06:54PM EST - This is going on a bit long

06:55PM EST - 'Please buy the Lyric, there are lots of Qualcomm chips in there'

06:55PM EST - The Cadillac Lyric 2023

06:56PM EST - Now to ACPC

06:56PM EST - ACPC is Redefining the PC for the future

06:58PM EST - The future is all about connected high performance compute

06:59PM EST - next gen productivity

07:00PM EST - transition to new architectures and ecosystems

07:00PM EST - Panos from Microsoft live convo at a distance

07:01PM EST - the delay is about 750ms

07:01PM EST - PCs have become essential to us over last few years

07:01PM EST - the engine that powers the home

07:02PM EST - home, work, and life

07:02PM EST - move between spaces, devices, and remaining connected

07:03PM EST - How does 5G change Windows?

07:03PM EST - It changes how people work, remote work, play, travelling

07:04PM EST - No matter the user, the device, the use case, the company, the connection - on-demand connectivity and compute inspires

07:05PM EST - AI brings so many capabilities

07:05PM EST - Edge and cloud

07:07PM EST - Collab on Windows 11 for Windows on Snapdragon

07:08PM EST - Momentum for software to be native on Windows on Snapdragon

07:08PM EST - x86-64-bit emulation on Windows 11

07:09PM EST - Android compatibility too

07:09PM EST - Android on Windows on Snapdragon - AoWoS

07:10PM EST - I asked one of the QC execs earlier today about the Microsoft x Qualcomm agreement being exclusive. He said he couldn't say

07:11PM EST - More at Microsoft Build 2022

07:12PM EST - Miguel Nunes to the stage

07:13PM EST - Updates to ACPC

07:14PM EST - Enabling the world where everyone and everything is intelligently connected

07:14PM EST - The freedom to stay connected

07:14PM EST - Led by Qualcomm

07:15PM EST - The best of the smartphone to the entire ecosystem

07:15PM EST - 8cx, 8c, 7c

07:16PM EST - There should be a snapdragon for everyone

07:16PM EST - 64-bit emulation of x86 is very important

07:16PM EST - I spoke with Miguel earlier today - the barriers to full emulation were more software than hardware funnily enough

07:17PM EST - 'laptops at the intelligent edge'

07:19PM EST - transforming businesses

07:20PM EST - QC redefined what it meant to be a laptop

07:20PM EST - more than just a laptop

07:20PM EST - security, connectivity, and experiences

07:21PM EST - Battery life that keeps on going

07:21PM EST - Announcing 8cx Gen 3

07:22PM EST - 5nm hardware

07:23PM EST - First 5nm chip for PCs running Windows

07:23PM EST - Qualcomm AI included

07:23PM EST - Also 5G

07:24PM EST - 4x 3.0 GHz Prime cores + 4x 2.4 GHz Efficiency Cores, 14MB Total Cache (8MB L3+6MB System cache)

07:24PM EST - Single threaded perf +40% vs previous generation

07:24PM EST - 85% faster MT perf

07:25PM EST - Matches 22W i5 performance at 9 W

07:26PM EST - Or at 15W offers 25% more perf than i5

07:26PM EST - 60% better perf/watt

07:26PM EST - 8cx Gen 3 GPU - +60% faster Adreno Gen on Gen

07:26PM EST - 40% better GPU perf/watt compared to x86 competition

07:27PM EST - Photoshop and Lightroom have been optimized natively for Adreno

07:27PM EST - Shapr3D too

07:29PM EST - Shapr3D demo time

07:30PM EST - Now gaming, optimizing for snapdragon

07:30PM EST - Eve Online is optimized for snapdragon

07:30PM EST - also Among Us

07:31PM EST - Roblox too

07:31PM EST - 30% longer battery than competing platforms

07:32PM EST - Spectra ISP inside for video conferencing

07:33PM EST - Auto-focus, white balance, up to 4K HDR for Teams and Zoom

07:33PM EST - Up to 4 cameras x 24 MPs

07:33PM EST - Qualcomm Voice Suite - AI Accelerated Echo Cancellation and Noise Suppression

07:35PM EST - 8cx Gen 2 did 9 TOPs, Gen 3 does 29 TOPs (CPU+GPU+Hexagon+ISP)

07:36PM EST - I asked Miguel earlier - some software can use it all, while others are better served by one or a combination of two or three. Otherwise you need separate AI concurrent workloads to get to that value

07:37PM EST - dedicated AI IP on Snapdragon to enable this - not relying on CPU or GPU which might be lower efficiency

07:40PM EST - Now security

07:41PM EST - lowest level root of trust

07:41PM EST - Layered Secure Boot, zero trust, Pluton

07:41PM EST - reduces surface area for attacks

07:42PM EST - Bringing the best of smartphone to the best of laptop

07:44PM EST - VP Strategy on the stage, Miran Chun

07:45PM EST - Best part of market research is talking to end custoemrs

07:45PM EST - hybrid work environment from business customers

07:45PM EST - ACPC are pivotal to WFH

07:45PM EST - Productivity gain and end user satisfaction

07:49PM EST - business video time

07:51PM EST - another business video

07:53PM EST - Qualcomm Small Business Accelerator Program

07:53PM EST - Enabling education with always connected devices - Windows and Chromebooks

07:56PM EST - Back to Miguel

07:56PM EST - Lots of 7c devices in the market at entry

07:56PM EST - New 7c+ Gen3 entry level chip

07:57PM EST - enabling 5G at entry

07:57PM EST - 60% CPU ST vs 7c Gen 2

07:57PM EST - 6.5 TOPs

07:57PM EST - +70% GPU perf

07:58PM EST - Integrated X53 modem for 5G, 3.7 Gbps

07:58PM EST - Coming first half 2022, both Gen 3 chips

07:59PM EST - another business video time

08:02PM EST - Driving convergence of Mobile and PC

08:03PM EST - Now more gaming

08:03PM EST - 52% of revenue is now mobile - but how much of that is IAPs for 2D titles

08:05PM EST - 'it has to feel good in the hands'

08:06PM EST - Snapdragon for gaming devices - Snapdragon G brand

08:06PM EST - G3x as earlier

08:06PM EST - Dedicated to gamers

08:07PM EST - 8-core Kryo + Adreno

08:08PM EST - no details beyond that

08:08PM EST - 5G mmWave = Wi-Fi 6E

08:09PM EST - Snapdragon Sound

08:10PM EST - Now talking about Razer again - didn't we do this already?

08:10PM EST - This feels out of order

08:12PM EST - Razer to the stage

08:14PM EST - talking about developers and content, but nothing new here

08:18PM EST - Designed to maximise sustained performance. It has a fan

08:18PM EST - Gaming for hours

08:18PM EST - Advanced haptics

08:18PM EST - Dual motors in the handle

08:18PM EST - Ergonomics for long gameplay

08:18PM EST - Perfect Weight - feels great in the hands

08:19PM EST - apparently

08:19PM EST - Mapping buttons to physical controls

08:20PM EST - 6.65-inch OLED screen, FHD+, 120 Hz refresh rate, 1 billion colors

08:20PM EST - Doesn't say if VRR or if that 10-bit color is true 10-bit or 8-bit + FRC

08:20PM EST - 4-way speakers

08:20PM EST - 1080p webcam

08:21PM EST - 2 microphones (with AI ANC?)

08:21PM EST - 4K60 external support

08:22PM EST - 5G mmWave support

08:22PM EST - Connect XR viewers

08:23PM EST - 6000 mAh battery

08:23PM EST - This is a dev kit - so even if OLED, do they care about panel accuracy?

08:23PM EST - Android only and related streaming ecosystem services

08:26PM EST - And that's a wrap. Time for demos

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  • zodiacfml - Thursday, December 16, 2021 - link

    Finally, Switch competition, never thought they'd consider but rather too late. They also don't seem serious with VR/meta which is next big thing, I guess they're going to miss on that again.

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