One of the interesting aspects of PowerDVD 12 is the support for online stores. 7Digital is Cyberlink's first partner in this venture. They offer singles and albums for downloads, albeit at a premium compared to iTunes. The gallery below shows the user interface of the 7Digital storefront within PowerDVD 12.

PowerDVD 12 also provides Facebook features, wherein media from friends (photos, in particular) can be viewed. A feature to download albums from friends is also provided. The Flickr section also provides access to photographs uploaded to that service. An interesting aspect is the ability to view the photographs in 3D by just clicking on the 3D icon in the bottom panel. This type of seamless 2D to 3D conversion ability is offered by PowerDVD in almost all circumstances.

The YouTube section is one of the best ways to enjoy the service. It allows one to sign in and customize the videos being presented. It is also quite easy to make sure that the 1080p quality stream always gets loaded (if available). The gallery below presents some screenshots of the YouTube section in action.

Container Compatibility and Codec Support PowerDVD Mobile v4


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  • ganeshts - Thursday, February 2, 2012 - link

    No, PDVD has an option to remain in Aero mode when playing Blu-rays now. But, ArcSoft also has the same solution.. I think there is no problem in that segment anymore as long as you go and fix the appropriate settings (I think default for PDVD 12 was remaining in Aero, and for TMT5, it was switch to Basic, but I am not sure if that was some auto-detection of GPU going on in the background) Reply

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