While we’re still working on the full review, I want to get out some preliminary results for the iPhone 6. For now, this means some basic performance data and battery life, which include browser benchmarks, game-type benchmarks, and our standard web browsing battery life test. There’s definitely a lot more to talk about for this phone, but this should give an idea of what to expect in the full review. To start, we'll look at the browser benchmarks, which can serve as a relatively useful proxy for CPU performance.

SunSpider 1.0.2 Benchmark  (Chrome/Safari/IE)

Kraken 1.1 (Chrome/Safari/IE)

Google Octane v2  (Chrome/Safari/IE)

WebXPRT (Chrome/Safari/IE)

There are a few interesting observations here, as a great deal of the scaling is above what one would expect from the minor frequency bump when comparing A7 and A8. In SunSpider, we see about a 13% increase in performance that can't be explained by frequency increases alone. For Kraken, this change is around 7.5%, and we see a similar trend across the board for the rest of these tests. This points towards a relatively similar underlying architecture, although it's still too early to tell how much changes between the A7 and A8 CPU architectures. Next, we'll look at GPU performance in 3DMark and GFXBench, although we're still working on figuring out the exact GPU in A8.

3DMark 1.2 Unlimited - Overall

3DMark 1.2 Unlimited - Graphics

3DMark 1.2 Unlimited - Physics

GFXBench 3.0 Manhattan (Onscreen)

GFXBench 3.0 Manhattan (Offscreen)

GFXBench 3.0 T-Rex HD (Onscreen)

GFXBench 3.0 T-Rex HD (Offscreen)

In in GPU benchmarks, we generally see a pretty solid lead over the competition for the iPhone 6/A8. It's seems quite clear that there is a significant impact to GPU performance in the iPhone 6 Plus due to the 2208x1242 resolution that all content is rendered at. It seems that this is necessary though, as the rendering system for iOS cannot easily adapt to arbitrary resolutions and display sizes. Before we wrap up this article though, I definitely need to address battery life. As with all of our battery life tests, we standardize on 200 nits and ensure that our workload in the web browsing test has a reasonable amount of time in all power states of an SoC.

Web Browsing Battery Life (WiFi)

As one can see, it seems that Apple has managed to do something quite incredible with battery life. Normally an 1810 mAh battery with 3.82V nominal voltage would be quite a poor performer, but the iPhone 6 is a step above just about every other Android smartphone on the market. The iPhone 6 Plus also has a strong showing, although not quite delivering outrageous levels of battery life the way the Ascend Mate 2 does. That's it for now, but the full review should be coming in the near future.



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  • jettto - Tuesday, September 23, 2014 - link

    because we have 10 millions of retarded sheep?!
    I hate iOS but ... DAMNNN! their soc OWN!!!
  • FrenchMac - Tuesday, September 23, 2014 - link

    But in fact, from a developer point of view, and if we look at the low level stacks of the operating system, iOS is has much optimized as their SOC: the LLVM compiler rocks, the 64 bits ABI, the implementation of Swift, the work done on vectorization, the display optimization, the fluidity of the UI, animations and physics in the UI... in all these iOS shines... Reply
  • robbie rob - Monday, September 29, 2014 - link

    Ive used every OS out there even had crackberry.. There is no advantage to the mass public to use Android. A smartphone is a internet appliance. The only thing that matters is the apps and both Android and iOS enjoy well over 70,000 apps a piece - and most of those apps are the same. The most popular apps on both are usually the same. A cell phone most important uses- texting, facebook, gps.. ? I suppose now you're going to tell me you can see the difference between you 13 MP picture and the iPhones 8 MP camera? What do you see when you take a picture on a 13 Mp camera picture and view it on your smartphone screen? or 60 inch HD TV? You see a 2 Mp picture because thats all your screen can display ! HAHAAH ! And you really thought you could see !! A 5 thousand dollar 4k SUPER HD TV - the best screen out there - can only display 8 Mp's .. This is why Apple and HTC have not played the marketing hype game of Samsung. A high quality sensor matter much more then Mp's .. Mp's are great for printing posters i suppose.. Reply
  • robbie rob - Monday, September 29, 2014 - link

    haha true.. Samsung needed 28 days to sell 10 million S5's Reply
  • robbie rob - Monday, September 29, 2014 - link

    well said.. if apple had used a 3100mAh battery they would've had beast battery life..
    lets not say battery life doesn't matter, but the truth is most of us plug in our phones much more then we admit. I work in healthcare and we have a healthy mix of Android and iPhones. I see alot of phones being charged through the day - both sides
  • darwinosx - Tuesday, September 23, 2014 - link

    Hah! Reply
  • robbie rob - Monday, September 29, 2014 - link

    You gotta keep in mind the iPhone 6 has one of the the smallest batterys of the pack.. A8 is very power efficient and the iPhone LCD has always been tweaked to use less power - which you expect as they are doing it with AMOLED's as well. Still.. if Apple had made the iPhone 6 just a hair thicker with a bigger battery - they could've easily had a 14 hour battery life.. Reply
  • steven75 - Monday, September 22, 2014 - link

    Yeaaaaaaah going to believe Anandtech over phoneareana.com. Reply
  • robbie rob - Monday, September 29, 2014 - link

    Ive been reading at Anadtech for years.. and guess what ? Each product is reviewed without bias. And each product is reviewed not just for the bad - but the good things found in each device.
    When it comes to being able to come here and read about ANY product - I know I'm getting a real look at the device. If you don't like a company that's fine. This is no different then Ford versus Chevy except for some reason the Android boys get more offensive then anyone. They cry "Apple sheep" yet they are the ones acting FANATICAL and like little kids because post all the stupid crap - that won't change anyones mind at places like this and at blogs - ALL FOR A PRODUCT THEY DONT EVEN OWN ! Wow.. some of those Android guys really need a change in life style !
  • Rlin7 - Monday, September 22, 2014 - link

    Your link does absolutely nothing to prove that Anandtech's result are rigged. Reply

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