03:14AM EDT - That's a wrap!

03:13AM EDT - New Experiences are driving more diverse devices and the cycle of innovation

03:12AM EDT - 'Intel hits the right points for performance and TCO' (total cost of ownership)

03:11AM EDT - 'Shorten time to deployment'

03:08AM EDT - We made a turnkey solution

03:08AM EDT - QCT on stage for hardware platforms

03:07AM EDT - to make video searchable

03:06AM EDT - Discovery on stage, Deep Learning company

03:05AM EDT - Now machine learning

03:05AM EDT - It's now cost feasible to push through this level of compute

03:03AM EDT - RivetVR app is launching on mobile, with shows ondemand

03:01AM EDT - Blue Note Jazz Club VP on stage, also a VP at RivetVR

03:00AM EDT - HP Moonshot system based on E3-1500 v5

03:00AM EDT - Can also do it through the VR headset, on the desktop, on the 2K tablet, on the 3K 2-in-1 all at once

02:57AM EDT - RivetVR technology in it

02:57AM EDT - 360-degree video streaming demonstration from New York

02:56AM EDT - Partners delivering related solutions up on screen

02:55AM EDT - Driven by consumer HD video devices

02:55AM EDT - In speed mode, using 20 Mbps streams

02:54AM EDT - Up to 15 realtime 1080p HEVC streams

02:54AM EDT - Integrates Iris Pro 580

02:54AM EDT - http://www.anandtech.com/show/10361/intel-announces-xeon-e3-1500-v5-iris-pro-and-edram-for-streaming-video

02:54AM EDT - Introducing E3-1500 v5

02:52AM EDT - 'The visual cloud will change the way people interact'

02:51AM EDT - 'Foxconn leverages Intel platform to enhance core vertical domain knowledge'

02:50AM EDT - Provider from edge device to core network and data center

02:49AM EDT - Foxconn will partner with Intel to drive network innovation

02:49AM EDT - 'Foxconn plays a key role in design services and manufacturing'

02:47AM EDT - Foxconn on stage to talk 5G

02:45AM EDT - More connectivity drives up GDP

02:45AM EDT - Connectivity is not only crucial, but critical

02:43AM EDT - Now 5G

02:42AM EDT - Compal Kaby Lake on stage

02:42AM EDT - It's on track, apparently

02:42AM EDT - That's Kaby Lake

02:42AM EDT - 7th Gen will see more devices with TB3

02:41AM EDT - 'Intel's full commitment to Apollo Lake for value/entry PC and tablet, and Kaby Lake will be coming in 2016'

02:41AM EDT - Production will start later this year for Optane

02:41AM EDT - Sorry, Intel SSD 750 vs Optane

02:40AM EDT - 9hr for the Optane SSD system vs 35hr

02:40AM EDT - Time lapse replay to render a video

02:40AM EDT - One system with SM951, other with Optane

02:40AM EDT - Realtime demo

02:39AM EDT - 10x denser than DRAM, more endurance than NAND

02:39AM EDT - News about Optane and 3D XPoint

02:38AM EDT - 'We are more than just processor technology'

02:38AM EDT - Spinning Intel hologram

02:37AM EDT - Now there's a wafer on stage

02:37AM EDT - Now the same video in VR

02:36AM EDT - Six 4K cameras being edited at the same time with color grading

02:35AM EDT - Video was the first bi-postal holographic duet

02:35AM EDT - Video creator on stage, Peter Martin from VALIS studios

02:34AM EDT - Video as an example

02:34AM EDT - Editing mulitple 4K videos real time plus effects and stitching

02:33AM EDT - Now talking Content Creation

02:33AM EDT - It's also $1723 for the 10-core

02:33AM EDT - Launching today as well

02:32AM EDT - Talking Turbo Max 3.0

02:32AM EDT - http://www.anandtech.com/show/10337/the-intel-broadwell-e-review-core-i7-6950x-6900k-6850k-and-6800k-tested-up-to-10-cores

02:31AM EDT - Greg Bryant on stage. Or actually, a hologram thing

02:31AM EDT - Intel Core i7, up to 10 core

02:31AM EDT - Broadwell-E announced

02:31AM EDT - 'Gamers love streaming, but requires more performance to do it at the same time as gaming'

02:30AM EDT - VR plus exercise

02:30AM EDT - That's pretty cool

02:29AM EDT - Also virtual camera

02:29AM EDT - Other user in a backpack from MSI

02:29AM EDT - Multiplayer experience

02:28AM EDT - A demo called Raw Data

02:28AM EDT - HP Omen X is the first backpack style for an untethered VR experience

02:28AM EDT - Acer Predator G1 is 'the smallest desktop that is VR ready'

02:27AM EDT - There's a Vive

02:27AM EDT - Talking VR

02:26AM EDT - '1.3 billion gamers worldwide'

02:26AM EDT - Now gaming

02:25AM EDT - Designed to be a companion, entertainment provider, house helper, tutor, smart home manager, home security guard, hands free kitchen assistant

02:24AM EDT - Jonney: 'Zenbo is my boy'

02:23AM EDT - including Zenbo

02:23AM EDT - Video of yesterdays ASUS press event

02:22AM EDT - Latest Core i7,up to 1TB, Thunderbolt 3

02:21AM EDT - No compromise design

02:21AM EDT - Talking about the Transformer Book 3 and 3 Pro

02:20AM EDT - 'We have the same spirit in driving innovation'

02:20AM EDT - He's losing his voice

02:20AM EDT - It's Jonney Shih on stage for the third time this show (already)

02:20AM EDT - Now ASUS

02:19AM EDT - Huawei Matebook

02:19AM EDT - Dell Inspiron 11 3000

02:19AM EDT - Acer Switch 2-in-1, Fanless 15W CPU.... ?

02:18AM EDT - We believe offers a unique value product

02:18AM EDT - 2-in-1 is the 2nd focused category in mobile (1st is phablet)

02:18AM EDT - Ganesh has reviewed it, and pushed Intel to support faster SSDs through firmware

02:17AM EDT - Skull Canyon NUC

02:17AM EDT - HP Notebook, Core i7 mini-PC from Lenovo

02:17AM EDT - 'They keep evolving each generation'

02:17AM EDT - Now PC Innovation

02:16AM EDT - Opportunity to integrate SSDs, LTE and Real Sense

02:16AM EDT - New platform: Intel Aero Platform for UAV

02:15AM EDT - 'An amazing opportunity for the IoT revolution, such as Intel Real Sense'

02:14AM EDT - Need more commercial options for professional applications

02:14AM EDT - Drones today are mostly consumer-based

02:14AM EDT - Analytics can be done on the edge. (On the edge means 'on the device' rather than 'in the cloud')

02:11AM EDT - IoT needs solutions based on industry standads

02:10AM EDT - Home gateway solutions and commercial/retail solutions

02:10AM EDT - Also new Intel XWay WAV500 Wi-Fi with MU-MIMO

02:10AM EDT - is that Cherry Trail, or Airmont?

02:09AM EDT - A new gateway processor for the home: Intel Anywan GRX750 based on Atom

02:08AM EDT - 'The home gateway is the emerging hub for connectivity'

02:08AM EDT - Currently 10 devices per household, expected 50 in 2020

02:08AM EDT - The connected home: PCs, Tablets, Phones and Connected Devices

02:07AM EDT - From farmers to healthcare with IoT

02:07AM EDT - 'Three key areas of focus at Intel: Expansion of IoT, explosion of Innovation, and Connectivity to 5G'

02:06AM EDT - 'In the early 2000s, Taiwan drove the rise of the notebook'

02:06AM EDT - 'We have a long collaboration with the technology industry here in Taiwan'

02:05AM EDT - 'We accelerate growth my making devices more connected and smarter'

02:05AM EDT - 'Personal devices will create more data, which requires more data center services, which will support more devices, and cycle'

02:04AM EDT - Navin Shenoy from Intel on stage

02:03AM EDT - 10 cores is certainly interesting. The price is more interesting

02:03AM EDT - We tested all four CPUs, and started pretesting over two months ago for it. I can has sleep now?

02:02AM EDT - Our Broadwell-E review just went live: http://www.anandtech.com/show/10337/the-intel-broadwell-e-review-core-i7-6950x-6900k-6850k-and-6800k-tested-up-to-10-cores

02:00AM EDT - Looks like it's tracking position and if a certain movement is made with a hand or foot (like a kick), it produces a video effect

02:00AM EDT - It's quite neat. There's an obvious delay, probably just under a second

01:59AM EDT - The ancient art of Wu-Shu, combined with Intel Curie for a visual display

01:59AM EDT - There's now a traditional dancer on stage before the Keynote

01:59AM EDT - Answers after the keynote

01:58AM EDT - I got 2/2. #motherboards4ever

01:58AM EDT - Can you guess them?

01:58AM EDT - We can see a couple of motherboards on the stage just behind a curtain. Billy took a photo

01:53AM EDT - Warm up by Taitra CEO before the main start

01:52AM EDT - Ian and Billy here as always for your Computex coverage (tm)

01:48AM EDT - We're at Intel's Keynote here at Computex, which is being headlined by Intel's Diane Bryant.

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  • OEMG - Tuesday, May 31, 2016 - link

    Will there be an Apollo Lake uArch article? As usual Intel goes "Oh there's this market segment that 80% of consumers care about but, nah, we'll go on babbling 'bout our totally cool innovative new thing thingies."
  • Ryan Smith - Tuesday, May 31, 2016 - link

    "Apollo Lake uArch article?"

    This is AnandTech. We live to write things like that,=)
  • OEMG - Tuesday, May 31, 2016 - link

    Oops, I asked the wrong question... so... when? :D
  • fanofanand - Tuesday, May 31, 2016 - link

    I was so excited after the last live blog had the commentary in chronological order. Here you go back to the primitive reverse chronology and it's a major bummer.
  • Lolimaster - Tuesday, May 31, 2016 - link

    Someone in anand's team thought we were entering April 1st (it's June 1st boy).
  • Lolimaster - Tuesday, May 31, 2016 - link

    Yes, i hate this unorganized method of covering live events, you basically spoil yourself right at the start.
  • Polacott - Tuesday, May 31, 2016 - link

    Incredible that Foxconn is shown as a great thing being one the companies responsible of modern slavery... The way the world is going displaying this kind of monsters as great things does not look nice to me.
  • DigitalFreak - Tuesday, May 31, 2016 - link

    So does Kabey Lake have Thuderbolt 3 support integrated, or is it still a separate chip? I've seen it mentioned both ways.
  • watersb - Tuesday, May 31, 2016 - link

    Seriously, love the Wu-Shu. There was a class in Berkeley when I lived there.

    Thanks for the coverage, and good luck with the jet lag!

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