07:57AM PST - Hello everybody, we're here live from the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas covering LG's opening CES keynote.

08:00AM PST - The show's starting;

08:00AM PST - US President of marketing taking the stage.

08:01AM PST - Key highlights for innovation of AI and new TVs

08:01AM PST - Opening tech keynote by LG's CTO

08:02AM PST - Talking about the V40

08:03AM PST - 5G being promoted - teams working to be one of the first to launch a 5G phone

08:03AM PST - Qualcomm's SVP Jim Tran taking the stage

08:04AM PST - Qualcomm and LG been working for years together

08:04AM PST - The companies have worked together for the standadisation process of 5G

08:04AM PST - 20+ operators working with QC

08:04AM PST - Providing sub-6 and mmWave 5G in 2019

08:05AM PST - Recapping the Qualcomm 855 and the X50 modems

08:05AM PST - "5G will transform the user experience"

08:06AM PST - 4K video streaming becoming common, along with brining augmented reality experiences

08:07AM PST - Enhancement in mobile broadband in automotive, industry, medical

08:08AM PST - Recapping LG's ThinQ introduction and its uses of AI in appliances

08:09AM PST - Introductory video about how ThinQ devices differ from the competition

08:11AM PST - Comparing how LG's ThinQ AI assistant has better contextual awareness for queries than competing solutions

08:12AM PST - LG calls this "Lifestyle data" - it logs various data points captured by your devices and creates better contextualised replies to your queries

08:13AM PST - More examples of various of their appliances working together, for example if you pickup a vaccum it will advise to enable their variant of a Roomba to clean as well.

08:14AM PST - LG's customer care will monitor maintenance aspects of your appliances and notify you if there's action that needs to be taken

08:15AM PST - Re-ordering essentials from Amazon when running low - such as detergents

08:15AM PST - "LG is the most awared appliance brand"

08:16AM PST - "Knowing more about the user and its habits will lead to improved performance"

08:17AM PST - LG Styler, we've covered this in the past at last CES if I'm not mistaken

08:17AM PST - "Clothing care system"

08:18AM PST - "Birth of a new product category"

08:18AM PST - "LG Homebrew" - capsule based craft beer maker

08:20AM PST - The device takes care of fermentation - the process takes 2 weeks.

08:21AM PST - Swtiching over to TVs now

08:21AM PST - "TV is all about picture quality"

08:21AM PST - "Unrivalled picture performance for LG's OLED TVs"

08:22AM PST - LG's projector is failing on stage - ironic

08:23AM PST - 8K OLED Tv - much smaller pixels than 4K

08:23AM PST - Alpha9 Gen2 TV SoC enables 8K in the new generation units

08:24AM PST - Machine Inferencing is used to analyse the content and to improve the picture quality

08:25AM PST - AI is not only applied to picture, but apparently to audio as well

08:25AM PST - Environment adaptive tone mapping curves for HDR content

08:25AM PST - Environment adaptive tone mapping curves for HDR content

08:27AM PST - Continued work with Google and the Google Assitant

08:27AM PST - Now also introducing support for Amazon's Alexa

08:30AM PST - Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa represent 84% of the smart assitant market

08:30AM PST - LG providing both means you don't have to use multiple devices

08:31AM PST - LG is adopting support for Apple's AirPlay

08:32AM PST - This news follows yesterday's announcement of Samsung's support for iTunes Movies and AirPlay as well

08:32AM PST - LG continues on to offer LCD TVs along its OLED lineup

08:33AM PST - HDMI 2.1 support with 120Hz and adaptive sync

08:34AM PST - Gaming modes with Variable Refresh Rate and Automatic Low Latency Modes

08:36AM PST - Showcasing a folding TV which is able to roll down into its base.

08:36AM PST - "LG Signature" OLED TV R

08:37AM PST - Rollable OLED TV

08:37AM PST - The magically rolls up out of the base.

08:38AM PST - Allowing for multiple modes, fullscreen mode, and line view in which the TV is only partially rolled up

08:39AM PST - In "Zero View" it allows for a more open environment with a premium audio experience

08:40AM PST - "A new way to enjoy television"

08:41AM PST - Summarizing the event now.

08:42AM PST - Wrapping up today's press conference.

08:43AM PST - That's it.

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  • Inteli - Monday, January 7, 2019 - link

    "AI. AI AI AI. AI, Deep Learning, AI. Neural network AI. In conclusion, AI."

    Also, I predict the HomeBrew is going to go the way of the Sodastream.

    Rollable TV is sort of neat, I suppose. Not that I have a living space luxurious enough to adorn with such an opulent TV, or a wallet deep enough to affford it. I'd also be concerned about the display deforming over time.
  • velanapontinha - Monday, January 7, 2019 - link

    Not a word about oled uniformity issues :(
  • hybrid2d4x4 - Tuesday, January 8, 2019 - link

    >08:33AM PST - HDMI 2.1 support with 120Hz and adaptive sync
    >08:34AM PST - Gaming modes with Variable Refresh Rate and Automatic Low Latency Modes

    Very pleased to see these in upcoming TVs, I hope they become the norm for the coming year.

    The homebrew device looks interesting as well. At least there are fewer eye-roll-inducing smart appliances this year- no, a fridge doesn't need a display or be network connected.

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