ROCCAT has displayed a brand new keyboard with its new Vulcan Mechanical keyboard. The new input device features the self-developed Titan switch Tactile said to offer the most swift and responsive keyboard in ROCCAT’s lineup. The Vulcan will come in three flavors, The Vulcan 80, Vulcan 100 AIMO, and Vulcan 120 AIMO offering a different set of features for each. Vulcan 120 Vulcan 100 Vulcan 80 The main differences between the three keyboards appear to be lighting capabilities and the included palm rest. The Vulcan 80 still has per-key lighting but is limited to ROCCAT blue versus the 100/120 have per-key RGB lighting. The 120 version includes the magnetically attached ergonomic palm rest while the 100/120 do not. Last, the Vulcan 80 does not have media keys the...

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