Neutron NX500

Corsair has started selling its highest-capacity PCIe SSD to date, the Neutron NX500, featuring 1.6 TB of NAND. The drive is based on the Phison E7 controller as well as Toshiba’s MLC NAND, so it is going to appeal to those seeking for a proven MLC-based storage solution with loads of flash memory reserved for over-provisioning and a five-year warranty. It should be noted however that with big capacity comes a big cost. The new Neutron NX500 1.6 TB is an HHHL card, just like the versions with 400 GB and 800 GB of usable memory. From an architecture point of view, the Corsair Neutron NX500 SSDs are similar to the Force MP500 drives launched this time last year: they are powered by the Phison...

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