Solidigm's datacenter SSD offerings have been clearly delineated into different categories - the D3- SATA offerings for legacy servers, the D5- QLC-based offerings (with different models offering different tradeoffs between cost and endurance), and the D7- NVMe drives for the best performance and endurance ratings. The company has been using TLC NAND in the D7 drives so far. Last week, the company introduced a new member in their D7 lineup for extremely write-intensive workloads - the D7-P5810 using their mature 144L SLC 3D NAND. Storage-class memory (SCM) options such as Optane have been used by hyperscalers for a variety of use-cases such as write-caching, HPC applications, journaling, online transaction processing (OLTP), etc. With the winding down of the Optane product line, many opportunities have opened...

How We Test PCIe 4.0 Storage: The AnandTech 2021 SSD Benchmark Suite

Our new SSD test suite is ready, updated and expanded for the latest trends in storage including PCIe 4.0 and QLC NAND.

70 by Billy Tallis on 2/1/2021

What's TLC is SLC Again: MEMXPRO Introduces PC32 Full-Drive Pseudo-SLC SSDs

Pseudo-SLC caches for TLC-based SSDs are almost as old as TLC NAND itself, serving as a simple and practical solution to TLC's lower sustained throughput. But like all caches...

40 by Anton Shilov on 2/21/2020

Enmotus MiDrive: Rethinking SLC Caching For QLC SSDs

For consumer storage, CES 2020 brought a new wave of competition for PCIe 4.0 SSDs and promise of faster portable SSDs, but the most intriguing product demo was from...

44 by Billy Tallis on 1/30/2020

Toshiba Launches XL-FLASH 3D SLC NAND

Last year at Flash Memory Summit, Toshiba announced XL-FLASH, a specialized low-latency SLC 3D NAND flash memory that is their answer to Samsung's Z-NAND (and to a lesser extent...

16 by Billy Tallis on 8/5/2019

ADATA Launches microSD Cards Based on SLC NAND Memory

ADATA has introduced a new lineup of microSD cards that use SLC NAND and are aimed at industrial applications. By incorporating the lower-density and higher-reliability memory type, ADATA's IUDD362...

28 by Anton Shilov on 4/25/2019

Western Digital Develops Low-Latency Flash to Compete with Intel Optane

Western Digital is working on its own low-latency flash memory that will offer a higher performance and endurance when compared to conventional 3D NAND, ultimately designed to compete against...

22 by Anton Shilov on 3/12/2019

The Samsung 983 ZET (Z-NAND) SSD Review: How Fast Can Flash Memory Get?

Samsung's 983 ZET is a high-end enterprise SSD and the first retail drive to feature Samsung's low-latency SLC Z-NAND flash memory. Designed for highly performance-bound workloads that favor IOPS...

46 by Billy Tallis on 2/19/2019

Greenliant Launches EnduroSLC SSDs with Up to 250K P/E Cycles

Greenliant, a developer of special-purpose NAND-flash storage devices, this week introduced its new lineup of ultra-high endurance SSDs. The NANDrive SSDs are aimed at write-intensive industrial applications, and utilize...

28 by Anton Shilov on 12/11/2018

Micron Announces 32GB DDR4 NVDIMM-N Modules

Micron is announcing today their next generation of NVDIMM-N modules combining DDR4 DRAM with NAND flash memory to support persistent memory usage models. The new 32GB modules double the...

48 by Billy Tallis on 11/13/2017

Renice Announces X9 Military-Grade Rugged SSDs with R-SATA Connectors

Shenzhen Renice Technology, a little-known maker of special-purpose SSDs from China, has introduced its new family of drives designed for military and rugged applications. What makes these new drives...

16 by Anton Shilov on 3/25/2016

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