11:58AM EDT - Intel is about to launch Tiger Lake. Follow along with our Live Blog!

11:59AM EDT - Here we go

11:59AM EDT - Greg Bryant on the deck

11:59AM EDT - Helping people connect in the current environment

12:00PM EDT - Challenged ourselves to advance the PC platform

12:00PM EDT - Several new ground breaking updates

12:00PM EDT - Leading the ecosystem

12:00PM EDT - Starting witht he partners

12:00PM EDT - Acer, Microsoft

12:01PM EDT - Best Buy, HP

12:01PM EDT - Shifting to use cases

12:01PM EDT - Dell

12:01PM EDT - Google

12:01PM EDT - Raja Koduri

12:01PM EDT - Samsung


12:01PM EDT - JD.com, Tripwire

12:02PM EDT - Reducing the barrier between the human and the work they're doing

12:02PM EDT - Adobe, JOYY, IDC

12:02PM EDT - Lenovo

12:02PM EDT - Using new technologies with Intel, stretching the boundaries

12:02PM EDT - ASUS

12:02PM EDT - Working across the industry

12:03PM EDT - 'World's Best Processor!'

12:03PM EDT - 9 new SKUs for Tiger Lake

12:03PM EDT - Not an exaggeration

12:03PM EDT - Best Intel CPU Intel has ever built

12:03PM EDT - best CPU on the market

12:03PM EDT - beats the imitators

12:03PM EDT - PC without compromise

12:04PM EDT - New CPU up to 4.8 GHz

12:04PM EDT - New Xe GPU

12:04PM EDT - Industry Leading AI and TB4

12:04PM EDT - Thin and light designs

12:04PM EDT - Samsung system - Tiger Lake plus 5G

12:05PM EDT - ASUS Expertbook - 14inch only 870g

12:05PM EDT - More than 50 new designs in total

12:05PM EDT - 50 designs in market for holiday, over 150+ designs in total

12:05PM EDT - New Branding

12:05PM EDT - 4x faster for content creators

12:05PM EDT - +20% on productivity

12:06PM EDT - Iris Xe graphics, Better than 90% of all discrete GPU notebooks sold last year

12:06PM EDT - Now Boyd Phelps

12:06PM EDT - Redefined 10nm to 10nm SuperFin

12:06PM EDT - CPU redesigned to enable frequency gains

12:07PM EDT - 40nm Poly Pitch ((did he say that?))

12:07PM EDT - Leakage sensitive IPs

12:07PM EDT - lowered voltage across the board

12:07PM EDT - Redefined metal stack

12:08PM EDT - We created magic

12:08PM EDT - much lower voltages

12:08PM EDT - Up to 2x graphics perf

12:08PM EDT - 5x better AI perf

12:09PM EDT - Wi-Fi 6, TB4, USB4

12:09PM EDT - PCIe Gen4 attach up to 32 Gbps (that's PCIe 4.0 x4)

12:09PM EDT - LPD5 memory controller

12:10PM EDT - Intro video

12:11PM EDT - Not possible with other processors on the market

12:11PM EDT - Now AI and media

12:11PM EDT - Measuring more than benchmarks

12:11PM EDT - actual application performance is critical

12:12PM EDT - Upscaling

12:12PM EDT - comparing to 4800U

12:12PM EDT - Intel is over 200% faster than AMD

12:12PM EDT - Not all cores are created equal

12:13PM EDT - Intel nearly 100% faster in Adobe Export

12:13PM EDT - VCE limited workload

12:13PM EDT - Now Microsoft teams demo

12:13PM EDT - vacuuming in the background

12:14PM EDT - 11th Gen comes with background noise removal

12:14PM EDT - 11th Gen Core is the best at everything you do most

12:14PM EDT - Comparing Intel to AMD

12:14PM EDT - What AMD system is that? Looks like a bulky Lenovo

12:15PM EDT - 11th Gen is better than MX350

12:15PM EDT - Gears Tactics

12:16PM EDT - (It's worth noting that Gears Tactics doesn't have a fixed seed benchmark and has +/- 10% variation on a single run)

12:16PM EDT - Up to 2x higher frame rates for ultraportables

12:16PM EDT - Now Project Athena

12:17PM EDT - Innovate beyond the CPU

12:17PM EDT - Set of requirements to be Athena certified

12:18PM EDT - Athena 1.0 had 50+ designs

12:18PM EDT - Not stopping here

12:18PM EDT - 11th Gen core - next gen Athena laptops

12:19PM EDT - 25+ performance and responsiveness tests

12:19PM EDT - 9+ hours on FHD

12:20PM EDT - 4hrs charge in 30 minutes

12:20PM EDT - TB4, Wi-Fi 6 required

12:20PM EDT - The Best laptops available

12:20PM EDT - DJ Diplo to the stage

12:21PM EDT - The laptop is my instrument

12:21PM EDT - Ooooh looks like Intel Evo

12:21PM EDT - New streaming environment for DJs

12:21PM EDT - 20-30k viewers on twitch

12:21PM EDT - Always stay connected to technology

12:22PM EDT - 'Peace and Love Intel - DJ Diplo'

12:22PM EDT - The most advanced components and technologies

12:22PM EDT - Now PC Gaming

12:22PM EDT - 1.2 B gamers worldwide

12:23PM EDT - Playing popular eSports games on laptops now possible on 11th Gen

12:23PM EDT - Game stream and record on the laptops

12:23PM EDT - The competition can't keep up despite having more cores

12:24PM EDT - College students need battery life and connectivity speed

12:24PM EDT - Managing tabs and programs at once

12:24PM EDT - Work anywhere you like and never miss a beat

12:24PM EDT - Athena laptops wake in a second

12:25PM EDT - video showing 4K scrubbing for video editing.... but the comment about battery life, not scrubbing perfromance

12:25PM EDT - People don't use PCs, they try to get stuff done, so we don't want the PC to be in the way

12:27PM EDT - Now branding

12:27PM EDT - These advancements are leaps due to a new approach to engineering

12:28PM EDT - setting a new bar for laptop experiences without compromise

12:28PM EDT - 11th Gen and Athena are exceptional

12:28PM EDT - Introducing Intel Evo

12:28PM EDT - 1000s of hours of co-engineering

12:28PM EDT - A new marketing campaign with partners

12:28PM EDT - new era for Intel

12:28PM EDT - Embrace the future of our iconic brand

12:29PM EDT - Today is Intel's 3rd major pivot

12:29PM EDT - requires a new logo

12:29PM EDT - new global brand

12:29PM EDT - (was that an s775 processor)

12:29PM EDT - Entire portfolio gets an updated look, including Xeon and Optane

12:30PM EDT - Only Intel has the unmatched assets to do this

12:30PM EDT - Strong ecosystem partners and thousands of engineers

12:31PM EDT - Evo is a badge to signify the most advanced laptops on the market

12:31PM EDT - Now it's your turn

12:32PM EDT - Ending video it seems - but it's such a low bit rate

12:33PM EDT - All the disclaimers

12:33PM EDT - There are some press-only 'Blueprints' sessions later today. Let's see if we get more info from them. Bye for now!

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  • jaydee - Wednesday, September 2, 2020 - link

    12:03PM EDT - 'World's Best Processor!'

    "You did it! Congratulations!" - Buddy the Elf
  • Meteor2 - Thursday, September 3, 2020 - link

    I love the tiny asterisk text
  • Intel999 - Wednesday, September 2, 2020 - link

    Did they say what memory was being used in the benchmarks?

    I suspect that Tiger Lake used the uber fast LPDDR5 stuff that no OEM is going to use except for in fringe cases due to cost.

    Any comments by Intel on volume that they think they can produce?

    I can't wait for Ian's follow up article tearing apart the biased benchmarks for this paper launch.

    At least the few units they can get out into the market should help a little in allowing AMD to hopefully finally get close to meeting demand for Renoir.

    What I find comical is the enthusiasm that some apparent Intel fanboys are showing on this message board for a product that isn't as good as Intel has suggested and is nowhere close to being a high volume product.

    It's almost like these posters having been waiting years for something to get excited about and now it has arrived and they can't control themselves even though deep down a part of them knows that, at best, anything Intel claims is a half truth and at worst a complete falsehood.

    At least they will have a day in the sun to spread their wings until this entire presentation is tore apart and revealed as the con job it most likely is.
  • Meteor2 - Thursday, September 3, 2020 - link

    Interesting that Apple picked this product cycle to dump Intel for their own ARM designs. Those first-gen ARM laptop chips are going to have to be very, very good.

    If they're not, and can't compete with Tiger Lake laptops, they're going to wish they'd waited another year or more before making the switch.
  • Igor_Kavinski - Thursday, September 3, 2020 - link

    Anyone notice how they said "imitators"? Really, Intel? So it has come down to this, eh? Who licensed and copied x86-64 from AMD? Your imitator somehow got the idea of using and IMPLEMENTING chiplets in their CPU design? Why did you bother comparing your GPU performance to that of the "imitators"? Oh, maybe that's coz your Chief Architect was formerly working for your imitator? Who's imitating who?
  • ellawilson - Friday, September 4, 2020 - link

    Engineering students made easy intel development in the field of technology. The trigger lake launch by intel help to us in different ways. I am happy to say that now you can take engineering help from https://www.australiabesttutor.com/engineering-ass...
  • MDD1963 - Saturday, September 5, 2020 - link

    That LOGO! My GOD! Now it is white...with a blue dot! How revolutionary!
    It's full of stars...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • AnaSun - Saturday, September 5, 2020 - link

    When will we see this on desktops? Waiting not-so patiently for PCIe4 and DDR5 to build a new rig.
  • JACK4888 - Sunday, September 6, 2020 - link

    The last announcement by Intel on its "newest" chip was more of a bash of the "competitor" than facts about it own Intel device(s). Trying to remember the Intel 11th gen CPU designation is like trying to remember UPC codes. Before that was the big deal about Intel's new logo. Oh, please it is sounding like a political ad all fluff no substance. All I remember from the comparison was AMD 4800U. And there is Intel's 11th generation. What they have no designation other than the nebullous 11th gen?
  • JACK4888 - Sunday, September 6, 2020 - link

    This web site of jpg is not helpful at all. The advert & PR people need another job. Like coming up with catchy names the public and tech guys like me will remember and an idea of pricing & availability.

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