One of the lesser known topics around fully autonomous vehicles is one of transporting data around. There are usually two options: transport raw image and sensor data with super low latency but with high bandwidth requirements, or use encoding tools and DSPs to send fewer bits but at a higher latency. As we move into development of the first Level 4 (near autonomous) and Level 5 (fully autonomous) vehicle systems, for safety and response time reasons, low latency has won. This means shifting data around, and a lot of it. Bandwidth required, in Gbps for raw video at a given resolution and frame rate, also at a specific color depth. E.g. 720p30 at 24-bit RGB (8-bit per color) is 0.66 Gbps Raw camera data is...

GTC Europe Live Blog: What is Level 5 Autonomous Motorsport?

One of the talks at GTC EU today is titled 'What is Level 5 Autonomous Motorsport?'. Live blogging time!

8 by Ian Cutress on 10/10/2017

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