On August 10th, the HTC One X International (Tegra 3) started getting pushed an update which brought the core Android version to 4.0.4 and also made changes to the task switcher button, similar to what we saw with the AT&T One X earlier in the month. For customers in Europe, that update started rolling out immediately, but it took a while longer for it to hit US customers with the Tegra 3 variant, and we finally got our update push on August 24th, followed by a corresponding update to the International One S on the 25th. One S (International) Update (left), One X (Tegra 3) Update (right) Other than updating Android to 4.0.4 and HTC Sense to 4.1 on both platforms, the biggest user...

HTC One S Review - International and T-Mobile

At the very top of HTC’s new lineup are three flagship devices: the One X, its cousin the One XL, and the One S. I say flagship because HTC’s...

97 by Brian Klug on 7/17/2012

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