At Computex 2023, TeamGroup unveiled two additions to its extensive family of memory products. Available with ARGB heatsinks or subtle black non-RGB heatsinks, the TeamGroup T-Force Xtreem DDR5 memory promises high performance for memory overclockers and gamers.

Looking to rival the high-speed DDR5 kits from companies such as G.Skill, the T-Force Xtreem DDR5 memory is available up to DDR5-8266, with overclocked XMP 3.0 profiles designed to be used with Intel's 13th Gen Core series processors. Regarding the competition, the T-Force Xtreme DDR5-8266 will be one of, if not the fastest, fastest kit available at retail upon its launch, as G.Skill has a kit of their Trident Z5 DDR5-8000 at retail.

The most glamorous looking of the two kits is the T-Force Xtreem ARGB DDR5 memory, with dual light pipes that sit between black translucent acrylic panels. Underneath the acrylic is a 2 mm thick aluminum alloy heatsink which has been anodized black. Between the memory ICs and the heatsink, TeamGroup claims they use a 'highly thermally conductive silicone gel' to provide optimal heat dissipation.

Despite TeamGroup not disclosing the height of the DRAM modules, they look pretty tall, so they might not be compatible with all air coolers, especially those large dual/triple designs. TeamGroup claims that the heat spreaders themselves have a texture similar to black sea sand, although the feel of memory is less important than other things, such as style and actual performance.

The second kit has the same overall shape and design as the ARGB variant but without the actual ARGB LED lighting. This gives the T-Force Xtreem DDR5 modules a classier look with a subtle matte black color scheme throughout, while one side of the heat spreader has a T-Force logo badge which reminds me of something Star Trek characters have on their uniforms.

Due to the speed of these kits, the T-Force Xtreem kits are primarily for Intel's current 13th Gen Core series processors, as AMD's Ryzen 7000 series just cannot hit the memory speeds that Intel's 13th Gen chips can. The TeamGroup T-Force Xtreem ARGB DDR5 and T-Force Xtreem DDR5 kits will come in kits ranging between DDR5-7000 and a blazingly fast DDR5-8266 kit. 

As it stands, TeamGroup hasn't unveiled its expected pricing for the T-Force Xtreem ARGB and non-ARGB DDR5 memory kits, nor has it provided what memory ICs they are using or the latency timings. These are expected to be unveiled closer to their launch, which at the moment is unknown.

Source: TeamGroup

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  • meacupla - Saturday, June 3, 2023 - link

    And what timings do they have?
  • PeachNCream - Monday, June 5, 2023 - link

    I'm always impressed at how computer parts companies constantly one up one another when it comes to stupid branding. T-Force Xtreem - the TeamGroup marketing department must have run a competition for product names among early teen boys if this is the fecal matter they decided to smear on their packaging.
  • bananaforscale - Monday, June 5, 2023 - link

    What's the point when memory controllers can't do that without glitching?
  • meacupla - Tuesday, June 6, 2023 - link

    It's a chicken and egg situation. There would be no incentive to make faster memory controllers if there is no ram that can take advantage of the speed.

    The majority of burden being on AMD. Intel is less bad at designing fast memory controllers that don't glitch out.
  • Oxford Guy - Tuesday, June 13, 2023 - link

    Not sure why this site covers overclocked RAM whilst simultaneously refusing to use even modest XMP in tests, citing the CPU warranty.

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